Scam or Love? Don’t guess – be sure!

Many men dream about a good wife. Russian wives were always considered to be good wives and mothers. But in recent times Internet fraud and especially dating scam in Russia has been increasing. The person you have met online may be planning to cheat you out of money.

How does the fraud going on?

You meet a person in internet. Between you arises mutual sympathy, you want to meet her in real life. She should come to you, but she needs money for visa, ticket etc. Of course not all cases of internet-meeting are automatically fraud, but everybody wants to be completely sure in his vis-à-vis and to know, that he writes not a phantom, but a real sweetheart.

I am a lawyer, I live in Russia, I’m a former investigator and chief at a Police investigation department and I have a lot of experience investigating scams. I can research if a person you have met online is real or just plans to cheat you. Everything will be done fast, surely and keeping the advocate’s secret. The standard checkup costs only 90 $. I guarantee the result. I’m sure, that this modest sum can save you much more money under certain circumstances.

You think you already became scammers’ victim?

The money is sent to Russia and the person is disappeared? How should one act in this case? Very often people ask me about “chances to get money back”, I used to answer quite honestly: I cannot guarantee something in advance (and the person, who does is an evident liar), but there are no chances only in one case: if you don’t undertake anything.

Why do we advise to institute a criminal proceedings against the scammer?

Of course, you can leave your case “as it was” and just complain on the websites about “awful Russian scammers”, but that won’t stop them and these people will continue their “business”, and as it’s a pretty easy way to raise money, other people also will go this way. The amount of scam will be increasing.

Please send your questions to: Данный адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов, Вам необходимо включить Javascript для его просмотра. , Tel +7 960 49 73 500


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